Keep the storm out of your home or business with custom hurricane doors!

Hurricane season is among us and those who have yet to increase the security and value of your home or business should install hurricane doors immediately.2018 has been predicted to be a year of "above normal storms" with Fort Lauderdale and the surrounding areas of Florida are at major risk. Hurricane season runs from the beginning of June to the end of November. Due to climate change, our planet has heated, giving hurricanes and tropical storms the power they need to become fierce and destructive. We've seen what damage "normal" storms and hurricanes can bring, and with that knowledge we should prepare for thepossibility of potential and unpredictable storms to come.  

Increase the property value while keeping your home safe by installing custom hurricane doors in Fort Lauderdale.

The devastation that can come from a hurricane or tropical storm is not always only from strong winds; there are other many hazards that lurk in the storm. One major threat being, are storm surges, which is water that is pushed towards the shore line by the intense gale force winds. When combined with wind driven rain and normal tides the potential for a flood increase dramatically. The storm surge has the opportunity to impact and damage beaches, roads, homes, and infrastructures. With hurricane doors, you are protected with a tight fit and seal that will keep the water from intruding inside, warping the door and frame, possibly compromising the structural integrity of your home or business.  

With the ever increasing threats of these powerful storms we no longer feel installing hurricane doors in Fort Lauderdale should be a choice, but instead a matter of safety.

The benefits of installing a hurricane doors go beyond just hurricane season, you and your home will benefit all year long! First, the obvious reason; style. From retro to modern, the choices are bound to leave you in love with your new doors. Functional while also being beautiful, hurricane doors will protect you from storm damage and theft all while increasing the property value of your home or business. With stylish glass inserts, designs, and top of the line craftsmanship, American Door can create custom look for your new doors.  

Add style and safety to your home with hurricane doors and customize yours with American Door today!

The employees at American Door are artisans, designing and assembling all products in house, providing you with quality custom craftsmanship and attention to detail for an affordable price. We begin as soon as we hear from you, to start the project we organize and create a plan of what you and your home need and want. We install and clean up in one fell swoop, leaving you stress free.  

Hurricane doors conserve energy, keep out light and noise pollution and protects you, your home, and family against the dangers of Hurricane impact.  

Prepare and install hurricane doors before it is too late: Call American Door Co to start your installation process now!