Increase the safety of your home or business by installing custom doors in Fort Lauderdale!

It is possible to increase the value of your home and properties without spending thousands of dollars and dedicating hours and hours to remodeling. You can increase both the beauty and safety of your home or business just by installing custom doors. Custom doors by American Door Co are designed and fitted with all of your needs in mind. We begin designing as soon as we hear from you, to insure your needs are met quickly and with zero stress.  

Leave your guests with a lasting first impression with your new beautiful custom doors and windows.

At American Door we provide you with the best options of multiple brands, style, and colors that all will provide you and your home with extra safety. Serving you top rated brands such as Masonite, Therma-tru, Jeld-Wen and Limited Edition, Therma-tru, and you can be sure that you are getting the highest quality door and/or window you require. You will notice the benefits of installing custom doors or windows almost immediately. Our custom doors protect against noise and light pollution, two major problems with the ever growing population of Fort Lauderdale. Our doors protect against Ultra Violet light, allowing you and your family to enjoy the afternoon sunlight. Installing custom doors should become a priority for all Floridians due to increasing threat of wild hurricanes and tropical storms. Custom hurricane doors and windows keep rain water out and can stand against strong winds, helping you ride out the storm. The cost of preparing by installing a custom hurricane door is nothing compared to property damage or worse, injury. With added safety all while giving your home a personal stylish touch all for an affordable cost, start designing your custom doors today!  

Protect your home and family in one easy step; installing custom impact doors!

All of our employees are artisans, which will give you the professional and beautiful craftsmanship you deserve. Our designs incorporate beauty, functionality, safety and security. They will protect against theft, storms, noise, light, conserve energy, keep high premiums at bay, all while increasing the property value.  

We have such an extensive variety of doors from stylish impact and non-impact solid panel, quarter light, half-light, three quarter light and full light doors, french doors, sliding doors and metal doors, insuring you will be overjoyed with your selections. Being able to choose what kind of door and what brand you want is important to us, which is why we offer as many top rated brands as we can. Brands like Masonite, Jeld-Wen, Therma-Tru (and others) utilize impact glass, which is ideal for homes that are at risk for storm damage. Impact glass has three layers; the outer layer is made of thick impact resistant glass, the interlayer usually being decorative and inside a tempered glass giving it the strength it needs to protect your property against gale force winds and intense rainfall.

With a few more months left before the 2018 in 2017's Hurricane season starts, now is the time to start the installation process and get your house beautiful and storm ready before it is too late.